Making New History

Legends are legends for a reason, and it’s not easy to replace one! Veteran engine man Mark Morgan-Davies has taken over the reins of Rocket 88 from a true legend: Mike Egan. Known locally for his motorport skills, Mike has been winning races since the 1970s – he even bagged a Natal off-road racing championship in the 1980s. Mike’s passion for motors (especially V8s) is what motivated him to start importing American muscle engines to South Africa. Through the years Mike brought in thousands of engines that were fitted into local bakkies, drag racers and custom cars.

Finally, aged 68, Mike decided to put his trust in somebody he felt could not only make Rocket 88 work, but also grow it. He sold the business to Mark Morgan-Davies, who he believes could ‘…step into my boots with his experience and work ethic…

Mark Morgan-Davies

After completing his motor mechanic apprenticeship in the 1980s, Mark started his own business installing V8 engines into cars and bakkies. It was called Mad Max Conversions and many of Mark’s customers were referred to him by Mike. In 1999 he decided to move to the UK for two years to check out the motoring industry there. This stretched to 14 years with H.R. Owen where Mark worked on Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Bugattis TVRs and Maseratis – something that was simply not possible in South Africa. During his time in England, Mark did around 15 technical training courses at the Lamborghini factory in Italy. He also became one of only 14 Bugatti qualified mechanics in the world.

With all this experience, and a tremendous passion for engines, Mark has already made his personal mark on Rocket 88. He is now mainly importing modern fuel-injected V8 engines and offers options such as turnkey engine packages,

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